Vanity URL Settings

Learn how to configure Vanity URLs for your platform or website. Vanity URLs provide a personalized and branded touch to the referral links, making them more memorable and engaging for your audience.

Please Note: The Vanity URL feature is only available on certain Genius plans. See our plans and pricing here.
Where do I set up the Vanity URL?
A Vanity URL is a descriptive, memorable, and pronounceable URL that is commonly used to redirect traffic from one location to another. In simpler terms, it is a custom short link that replaces a long, complex URL with a more user-friendly and branded link. A Vanity URL is also referred to as a brand link or custom short URL.

To set up the Vanity URL, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Genius Referrals account.
  2. In the navigation menu on the left side, click Domains & URLs under Program Settings.
  3. Next, click on Vanity URL on the left menu list. Once on this page, use the toggle button on the left side of the screen to turn this process "ON."
Once the Vanity URL feature is on, your advocates will be able to customize their referral link on the following templates:
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