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Add Team Members and Set Permissions

In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to manage team members in your referral program. As an account administrator, it's crucial to understand how to add, configure, and monitor team members to optimize collaboration and maximize your program's potential. Whether you're onboarding new members or adjusting permissions, this documentation provides clear and concise instructions to efficiently guide you through the process. Let's get started!

To add a new member to the team, follow these steps:

Go to the Team Management link under Settings in the left-hand side navigation menu, or click here.
Click on the Add User button located in the top right corner.
Enter the email address and set custom permissions.
Once completed, click on Send Invitation.
Note: Some Genius Referrals plans have a user limit, with a maximum allocation of nine (9) users. If you need more users, please contact our support team for assistance.
Please Note: Team Management is only available on certain Genius plans. See our plans and pricing here.
Team Permissions Levels
The account owner possesses comprehensive access to all features, including main account settings. This level of access allows them to configure global settings and oversee the entire account. While other team members may have specific permissions, the account owner has unrestricted control over the account's overarching configurations.

Now, let's explore specific permissions for other team members.
Users with Analytics gain access to key sections for data-driven decision-making:

  • Overview Section:
Explore the Overview section for a high-level summary of the program's performance.

  • Reports Section:
Analyze detailed data within the Reports section to optimize program performance and evaluate outcomes effectively.

  • Leaderboard:
Access the Leaderboard to track and compare participant performance.

Additionally, users can access the Home Page (Dashboard) for a centralized view of program insights and essential information.
Members (Advocate, Referral, and Lead)
This permission provides control and insights into distinct participant roles within the referral program, including Advocates, Referrals, and Leads. With this access, users gain comprehensive oversight and management capabilities for all participant roles.

Monitor advocate activities closely, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of their engagement and contribution to the referral program.

With Advocates, you can perform the following actions:

  • View Advocate Details:
Access detailed information about the advocate, providing insights into their performance and history within the program.

  • Delete Advocate:
Remove an advocate from the system when necessary, ensuring efficient account management.

  • Get Referral Link for the Advocate:
Generate and retrieve the unique referral link associated with the advocate, facilitating personalized referral tracking.

  • Reset Password on Behalf of the Advocate:
Securely reset the advocate's password, addressing account access or security concerns.

  • Issue Manual Bonus:
Grant bonuses manually to advocates, recognizing exceptional contributions beyond the regular referral process.

  • Redeem Bonus:
Facilitate the redemption of earned bonuses by advocates, ensuring a seamless rewards process.

  • Assign Campaign:
Allocate advocates to specific campaigns, tailoring their involvement to targeted initiatives.

  • Transfer Bonus:
Transfer bonus credits between advocates, facilitating the fair distribution of rewards within the program.

In addition, users with Advocates Permission can:

  • Download List of Advocates:
Access a downloadable list of advocates, enabling comprehensive reporting and analysis.

  • Import List of Users:
Import a list of users into the system, streamlining the process of onboarding new advocates.

Oversee and handle referral interactions efficiently. This includes the following actions:

  • View Referral Details:
Gain insights into the specifics of each referral, facilitating a deeper understanding of their engagement and impact on the program.

  • Delete a Referral:
Streamline account management by removing a referral when necessary, ensuring accurate and clean program data.

  • Turn a Referral into an Advocate:
Seamlessly transition a referral into an advocate, expanding their role within the program for continued participation and engagement.

  • Process to Trigger Bonus:
Initiate the bonus-triggering process for successful referrals, ensuring advocates are promptly rewarded for their valuable contributions to the program.

Oversee and handle lead interactions. This includes the following actions:

  • View Lead Details:
Access detailed information about the lead, providing insights into their performance and history within the program.

  • Delete Lead:
Remove a Lead from the system when necessary, ensuring efficient account management.
Rewards (Bonuses and Payouts)
This permission enables users to manage the rewards aspect of the referral program:

Within the Bonuses section, users holding this permission level can efficiently navigate various bonus-related tasks. This includes the ability to:

  • Issue Bonuses in Bulk:
Streamline the bonus issuance process by handling multiple bonuses simultaneously.

  • Approve or Deny Bonuses:
Exercise control over bonus requests by making informed decisions to either approve or deny them.

  • Review Bonus Details:
Access detailed information about each bonus, fostering a comprehensive understanding of their distribution.

  • Export a List of Bonuses:
Generate and download a detailed list of bonuses for comprehensive record-keeping and analysis.

  • Delete Bonuses:
Maintain program accuracy by removing bonuses when necessary, ensuring a clean and accurate bonus history.

Navigate the Payouts section with confidence, as the Payouts feature lets you handle payout requests initiated by advocates. This robust capability allows you to:

  • Manage Payout Status:
Stay on top of the status of payouts, ensuring a smooth and efficient processing workflow.

  • Explore Payout Details:
Dive deep into the specifics of each payout, gaining a thorough understanding of the transactions.

  • Export a List of Payouts:
Conveniently generate and export a comprehensive list of all payouts for meticulous record-keeping and detailed analysis.
Program Settings
This permission level grants users the ability to configure and fine-tune various aspects of the referral program to meet specific requirements. Users with Program Settings Permission can:

  • Configure Campaign Rules:
Define the parameters and rules governing referral campaigns.

  • Create and Edit Share Messages:
Craft and modify messages for advocates to share, ensuring effective communication.

  • Customize Website:
Tailor the appearance and functionality of your website to align with your brand and goals.

  • Manage Emails and Notifications Preferences:
Take charge of your communication channels by customizing email and notification settings.

  • Choose Payment Methods (Payouts):
Select and manage payment methods for rewarding advocates.

  • Integrate with Third-Party Tools:
Connect the referral program with external tools to enhance functionality.

  • Access Analytics Page and Home Dashboard:
Monitor program performance through the Analytics Page and Home Dashboard.
Billing Control
This permission equips users to efficiently handle financial tasks related to service payments:

  • Manage Payment Methods:
Navigate through payment methods seamlessly, ensuring straightforward transactions for service payments.

  • Review and Download Invoices:
Access, review, and download invoices to gain clarity on financial transactions tied to service payments.

  • Initiate Payments:
Take prompt action to initiate payments for services, ensuring a smooth and efficient financial process within the system.
Account Management
This permission level grants users comprehensive control over crucial aspects of account management, providing the following capabilities:

  • Manage Plan:
Users with this permission can make strategic decisions about the account's plan, including the ability to close, change, or pause it. This ensures flexibility in adapting the account to evolving needs.

  • Access Main Account Settings:
Users with this permission can access and configure main account settings. This includes the power to add or remove team members, enhancing collaborative efforts within the system.

  • API Key Management:
This functionality allows clients to access and update their API Key. The API Key serves as a secure credential, enabling seamless integration and communication with external systems. Clients can manage and refresh their API Key to ensure the continued security and functionality of their interactions within the system.


Can I customize permissions for specific team members?

Yes, administrators can assign permissions tailored to individual team members' responsibilities.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with team member permissions?

If you experience technical issues, contact our support team with specific details. They can assist in troubleshooting and resolving any permission-related problems.

Who has the capability to add and manage team members within an account?
Only account Owners/Administrators or users with Account Management permissions possess the ability to add and manage team members.

How do I remove access from a team member?

To remove a user's access to the platform, an administrator should delete the user from the "Team Members" section under the "Action" tab.

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