One-Click Access Link

Learn how to generate One-Click Access link for your Referral Program

One-click access allows you to create a link that you can share with your users to access the referral program with a single click. Your users won't need to fill out a form to sign up for your referral program. The registration is done automatically.

Please Note: Integration Scripts are only available on certain Genius plans. See our plans and pricing here.

How to generate a One-click Access link in Genius Referrals

Where can I find the One click Access?
To get started using the One-Click Access feature:

1- Click on the Integrations located on the left-side navigation menu.
2- Navigate to Code Snippets > Others > One-Click Access, or by clicking here.
Next, from the platform list, select your platform or select the "Custom" option If the platform you need is not on the list. Once you have the URL just copy and paste it on your platform.
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