How can I manually process a referral to trigger a bonus?
Discover the process for manually rewarding advocates by triggering a bonus for a referral.

To manually initiate a bonus, navigate to the Members > Referrals page on the left-side menu. Locate the specific Referral you wish to process for a bonus, then click the three dots under the actions column and select "Process to trigger bonus".
Please Note: This method is applicable for offline referral programs or when manually triggering a bonus. The "Process to trigger bonus" action is exclusively available for Referrals.
Subsequently, a modal with a form will appear. Complete the following fields:

  • Internal Reference: Useful for internal purposes, such as an invoice number, contract number, payment ID, etc.
  • Payment Amount (optional): Represents the amount spent by the referral in your business, particularly useful for percentage-based campaigns. This field is optional, but for percentage-based campaigns, providing the payment amount is necessary to issue a bonus to the advocate.
  • Campaign: The rewards campaign to use to issue the bonus. This field is only available when you have more than one campaign.
Once completed, click the "Issue bonus now" button and the system will attempt to issue a bonus based on the provided information.
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