Advanced Integration Method (AIM) gives you full control of your integration process. This is the most flexible method and is the one to use if you are planning to implement all the integration pages for your referral program.
Here are some of the advantages of using AIM for implementing your referral marketing program:
  1. Full control of the integration process by using one of our SDKs or RESTful API.
  2. Ability to make your integration process as flexible as you want by taking advantage of all the resources that we provide in our RESTful API.
  3. Full access to our reports data so that you display intelligent data to your customers.
  4. Display custom customers' insights.

Advantages of using AIM

  • Step 1: Get registered on our referral platform.
  • Sign up to obtain an API Username and Token. These credentials will authenticate the requests made to the Genius Referrals Platform.
  • Step 2: Set up a new program for your application.
  • Create a new program for your new referral marketing program. Learn how here.
  • Step 3: Create a social widget package.
  • Set up the default messages and images that you want your advocates to share, as part of your marketing campaign, by using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Linkedin, email, QRCode, etc. Learn how here.
  • Step 4: Download one of our SDKs and include it in your product.
  • If you don't find an SDK for your programming language, you can consume our RESTful API resources from any programming language. Learn how here.
  • Step 5: Start sending new advocate registration requests to our platform.
  • You must register all your advocates in our platform using one of our SDKs or the RESTful API. Learn how here.
  • Step 6: Create new sections on your app to allow your advocates to share their share links.
  • These sections are some of the most important parts of your advocacy program. Here is where you allow your customers to share their thoughts over the Internet. Learn how to implement it here.
  • Step 7: Create your advocate's dashboard section.
  • Show your customers how fast their referrals acquisition grows by displaying graphics and charts with:
  • Total bonuses by network
  • Total referrals by network
  • Learn how here.
  • Step 8: Capture a new referral
  • Once your advocates have shared their shares links over the internet, their friends will click on those share links and will get redirected back to your application. At this point, you need to be able to gather this information and create a valid referral for your advocate. Learn how here.
  • Step 9: Start giving bonuses to your advocates.
  • Depending on the marketing campaign you've set up, you will decide when to give a bonus to your advocates. Learn how here.
  • Step 10: Allow your advocates to redeem their bonuses.
  • As your advocates start receiving bonuses, they will want to redeem this bonus for credit, cash, or goods. To allow your customers to manage their bonuses, you must implement a new section in your application. Learn how here.
  • Step 11: Monitor how your customer acquisition grows over time.
  • We have implemented several metrics that will help you to monitor the growth of your referral programs. Check them out in your Analytics section.
  • Step 12: Manage your accounts by creating new campaigns and widget packages to improve your referral marketing program.


Quick start guide

There are also disadvantages to using this method, and you should consider them before making the final decision:
  1. Full implementation of your customer referral program by your development team.